Completed Projects:

Molten Forte: (Level Design Document PDF)

Molten Forte is a small single player level that was created to convey part of a larger narrative, using both level design and storytelling to guide the player to a singular goal. This was accomplished using all original models and textures that I have created in Maya and Photoshop. Level layout was brought to realization using the Unreal 3 engine and the aforementioned assets.

Pirate’s Breach: (Level Design Document PDF)

A Capture the Flag map in the Unreal 3 Engine that uses all custom made textures and models. The theme of the map is based on a scenario in which a small coastal town is being assaulted and raided by pirates. Now they fight over some remaining food stores that one side or the other will use to ensure victory.

Conditional Impact: (Game Design Document PDF)

An educational two dimensional game created in game maker that focuses on student success in a post secondary school environment.

Teleport Trouble: (Game Design Document PDF)


This was the first project I undertook as a student of Video Game Design. A board game created to be assembled from printing and ready to play just by adding dice. The game can be downloaded below and requires only paper, scissors, glue/tap to assemble. This turned out to be a great way to start learning about Game Design.

Sell Sheet

Teleport Trouble PDF (This files is almost 79 megs and requires printing)

Ongoing Projects:


A group project that taught myself the importance of communication, scope, and planning. This particular game is still being worked on in the groups spare time. Meanwhile we have enough game play and artwork to produce this small trailer. The tasks of the group were broken down into different areas of expertise, being audio, art, and game play.